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Taiwan slapped NT$1-million penalty for a man who escapes home quarantine in Hsinchu

The Hsinchu County Government said it had decided to slap the maximum NT$1 million fine on the the Taiwanese that escapes quarantine and breaching the safety act of the country.

Authorities published his name, Lin Tung-ching and asking the public for information about his whereabouts due to he repeatedly changed his quarantine address.

Taiwan authorities found out that Lin visited several places, including Taipei's Wanhua and Xinyi districts as well as the beach resort area of Baishawan in New Taipei escaping quarantine puting public in danger.

The Taiwanese man took a XiamenAir flight from China to Taiwan. Only a relative gave Lin's location to the authorities after posting his name to the public.

Passengers arriving from countries that have severe coronavirus including China, Hong Kong, Macau, South Korea, Iran, and Italy are for mandatory 14-day quarantine.


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