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Taiwan surge to a total of 108 coronavirus cases as ban for foreign nationals in effect

Eight new cases of the coronavirus disease COVID-19 have been confirmed in Taiwan. Seven of the cases are believed to have originated overseas which brings the total to 108 announced bt the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC).

Case 101 was a male in his 70s. He traveled to Egypt from March 3 to 12 (same group as Cases 55, 63, and 71). The tour group so far confirmed a total of 5 people (4 group members and 1 contact).

Case 102 was a woman in her 50s who participated in business activities with non-resident family members to the United States from February 29 to March 11.

Case 103 is a male classmate of case 59 (high school student), the health unit will expand the inspection for students around the classroom seat in case 59.

Cases 104 (woman) and 108 (man) both in their 40s  traveled to Austria and the Czech Republic from March 5 to March 14 (the same group as cases 61 and 72). 

Case 105 was a man in his 20s who went to France to study alone on December 24, (2019), and returned to Taiwan on March 17.

Case 106 was a male in his 20s. He traveled to Spain from January 5th to March 17th.

Case 107 was a French male in his 50s who came to visit relatives in Taiwan on March 15th. After entering the country, he went directly to the local government-approved epidemic prevention hotel for home quarantine.

Among the confirmed cases, one died, 22 were released from quarantine, and the remaining cases were in stable condition, and continued to be hospitalized and quarantined.


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