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Taiwanese COVID-19 survivors: Stay at home, your cooperation could save lives

Mai Wen-ta (麥文達), 85, and Mai Chia-shuo (麥家碩), 49, are among COVID-19 survivors who spent two months in quarantine on the Diamond Princess cruise ship and they are getting frustrated to those who violates the quarantine measure.

They are father and son who quarantine for almost 2 months at the Diamond Princess followed by self-isolation at home in Kaohsiung. Their message: Stay at home — your cooperation could save lives.

Both father and son were diagnosed with COVID-19 — on Feb. 13 and Feb. 17 respectively — and were treated at Japanese hospitals.

After they were cleared of the virus, the pair returned to Taiwan on March 10, where they underwent another 14 days of self-health management to ensure that they posed no risk to the community.

“Stay at home to protect yourself and protect others — that is the best thing you can do,” said the elder Mai.

His message probably to those Taiwanese who are currently in home quarantine, but the wide picture is that his message is applicable for everyone around the globe.

Those who violate the quarantine measure of Taiwan are subject for a penalty ranging from NT$100,000 up to NT$1-million.


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