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Taiwan's TSMC confirmed that one of its employees tests positive with coronavirus

The world's top chip maker Taiwan Semicondictor Manufacturing Corporation (TSMC) urgently issued a major message on the evening of March 18th, stating that an employee of TSMC confirmed with coronavirus.

The employee is currently being treated in a hospital and TSMC will continue to pay attention and provide related consultation and assistance.

In a statement, TSMC pointed out that the TSMC ’s epidemic prevention committee has also traced the contact history of the employee with 30 close contact are on going 14-day quarantine. TSMC will monitor the health of the quarantine daily and provide necessary assistance to facilitate follow-up.

In addition to the routine disinfection, the scope of disinfection of the office area was also expanded to strengthen the disinfection of the staff's work area and public areas.

TSMC further stated that TSMC takes epidemic prevention safety and protecting the health of its employees as its primary consideration. 

Employees wear masks all the time while attending meetings, training or in public areas.  In addition, TSMC also emphasized that this incident does not affect the company's operations, and the relevant details are mainly public information of the government.


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  1. What is the branch of tsmc got a positive in the virus?


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