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"Work from home" policy pushed by lawmakers in light of COVID-19 spread in the Philippines

The Department of Health confirmed that three patients diagnosed with COVID-19 died in the Philippines. Amid the spread of COVID-19 in Metro Manila, medical professionals keep reminding us that this is no time to panic—it’ll only do more harm than good. 

Now, lawmakers are urging private entities to implement telecommuting or ‘work from home’ in order to keep employees safe while maintaining productivity.

Senator Joel Villanueva said “Telecommuting allows organizations to maintain a level of productivity as we wait out for diseases like COVID-19 to taper off.,” Villanueva added  “If everything comes to a full stop, the economic gains we have been enjoying in the last 10 years will be put to waste.

“We can all do our share in protecting our workers from the disease by minimizing their risk of getting infected.” added Villanueva.

At the moment, this proposal seems more sensible than the lockdown of Metro Manila to contain the virus. What say you, workers, especially commuters, from the metro, Do you agree with these lawmakers’ sentiments.

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