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Daughter who lost her dad due to cancer, now a licensed doctor

 Many are in tears after a new doctor shared her new success honoring her father whom she lost before the exam because of cancer.

On a her social media account, Ria Duana Roble, a  graduate of Xavier University - Dr. Jose P. Rizal School of Medicine  in Cagayan de Oro, expressed her gratitude to her dad who has been very supportive to their family.

According to her, she was lucky enough to be with her father during his last week of life because she was able to take care and look after him until his last breath.

Although, she felt devastated and hurt with the passing of her father, she took this as a strength and inspiration while preparing for the Physician Licensure Examination (PLE). 

After knowing that she passed the exam, she shared some bittersweet  photos  at her father's grave as she proudly present her success.

“I’m a doctor now, dad! Sorry you were not able to see me become one, but I’ll continue the fight!” she wrote in Visayan.


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