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Divorced woman abducts own daughter in Kaoshioung apartment for 12 years


After 12 years of finding, a father was finally reunited with her daughter who went missing after being visited by her own mother.

The child victim whom the police was trying to search since more than a decade ago is now 23 years old, malnourished and was kept away from school.

According to the police, they found out that the victim was abducted and hid by her own mother, surnamed Lin in an apartment in Southern Taiwan.

In 2008, Lin's ex-husband, also surnamed Hsieh, was awarded full custody of their daughter by a court after divorcing. However, Lin refused to accept the court's decision and took advantage of a child visitation when the girl was 11 to abduct her and take her from her home in Changhua to a location in Kaohsiung, according to CNA.

Changhua police were  able to track down Lin after she made a purchase  at a store in Kaohsiung last December 7.


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