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Eastern China fines pedestrians up to US$7 for using phone while crossing roads

 Pedestrians who will be caught using their mobile phones while crossing the roads in eastern China may receive a penalty of up to 50 yuan (US$7), according to Chinese state media.

A new legislative from People’s Congress of Jiaxing in Zhejiang province, prohibits people from browsing on handheld electronic devices such mobile phones or “frolicking” [playing] on zebra crossings, Xinhua reported on Sunday (December 6).

The report added that violators may face a fine of between five and 50 yuan however it is not yet clear when the rule would be implemented.

On Sunday, Weibo survey of National Business Daily readers has identified that 60 percent of 3,500 respondents said they would look at their phones while crossing the road in case there were important messages while the rest stated that they will not compromise their safety.

Meanwhile, Zhejiang-based Qianjiang Evening News through its editorial page encouraged the public to comply with the new law while  explaining the firm stand of authorities about its implementation.


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