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Foreign workers who earned US$67,000 for 3 years are qualified for Taiwan's ARC Gold Card

Taiwan's Employment Gold Card program is offering foreign professionals a new option to live and work on Taiwan.

The Taiwan Employment ARC Gold Card is part of the Act for the Recruitment of Foreign Professionals in Taiwan. This act of the Taiwan government is to attract several skilled foreign workers outside of Taiwan so that labor shortage can be filled up.

Employment Gold Card is a special four-in-one visa which combines open work permit, a resident visa, the Alien Resident Certificate (ARC), and a multiple entry permit.

The Employment Gold card applicant must be earning a minimum salary of US$67,000 per year (around P3,000,000), the information came from a Korean-American blogger who has screen name of “DK the Human," he wrote about his experience applying for Taiwan's Gold Card.

Qualified foreign nationals can apply for the Gold Card under the field of Science & Technology (Engineering), Education (Teacher, Professors), Economy, Finance, Culture & Arts, Sports, Law, Architectural Design and others.



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