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Homeless kid graduates as valedictorian, gets scholarship in Australia


From a child who roams around the garbage with no home to go and no food to eat, one student in Cambodia successfully graduated as class valedictorian and grabbed a full scholarship in Australia.

The young lady named Sophy Ron was once a homeless beggar in the dump of Phnom Panh Cambodia. She used to collect garbages and sell them for her to have money to buy food.

When Ron turned 11 years old, an organization called Cambodian Children's Fund (CCF) helped her to pursue her study and have a descent life away from the dump area she used to live in.

The young lady then did not waste the opportunity given to her by the CCF and studied hard until she graduated as class valedictorian.

The honor she obtained from studying also allowed her to have a full scholarship in the University of Melbourne in Australia.

Before flying outside her country, she visited her previous home, Phnom Panh, and hopes CCF to have more homeless children to help.


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