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Pinoy worker suffers 3rd degree burn on 90% of his body at a huge factory fire in Taoyuan

A Pinoy worker suffered 3rd degree burn on 90% of his body and currently treated with emergency intubation at Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, CNA reported.

Sci Pharmatech factory encountered a massive fire with 2 people getting indjured, a Filipino migrant worker and a Taiwanese worker

The Filipino migrant worker suffered more than 90% of his body's third degree burns and was treated with emergency intubation. Another local wounded patient suffered only 1% burns and his condition was relatively stable.

The Taoyuan City Government Fire Department received a report at about 12:14 noon today that the factory encountered massive fire.

Linkou Chang Gung Memorial Hospital explained the injuries of the wounded this afternoon. One of them was a foreign migrant worker aged about 26 and 27. He arrived at the hospital at about 1:30 in the afternoon. More than 90% of his body suffered third-degree burns and his injuries were serious and he has been intubated urgently.

 Another patient surnamed Xu with about 1% of his body suffering from second to third degree burns. The condition is under stable observation.



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