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Super Lotto winner donated NT$70 million to charity out of the almost half a billion winnings

The winner of the Super Lotto NT$611.45 million jackpot in September has donated NT$70 million to charity, the largest amount given to charity by a winner since 2015, Taiwan Lottery Corp. said Wednesday.

The Taitung County resident, who hit the Super Lotto jackpot on September 17, took home NT$488 million after taxes and has donated 14 percent to charity, said Taiwan Lottery Corp. General Manager Tsai Kuo-chi.

From that amount, NT$10 million was given to the Nantou-based Pu-li Christian Long-Term Care Home of Rehoboth Welfare Foundation because a family member had received assistance from the foundation and the winner wished to give back, according to Tsai.

The winner donated another NT$60 million to the CTBC Charity Foundation, which will use the money to help underprivileged families and children nationwide, Tsai said.

He did not disclose the identity of the winner, except to say the person was a 50-year-old retiree from Taitung, who had been buying lottery tickets regularly, NT$100 to NT$500 worth each time.

Tsai said the winner will use some of the prize money to buy a new house and car and pay off a mortgage and will put some into an investment. -Central News Agency


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