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Taipei ready to ban "group eating" if COVID-19 situation worsens in the capital city

If COVID-19 pandemic situation surge in Taipei City, Mayor Ko Wen-je ready to implement ban of "group eating" from people eating together on public areas and venues.

The Taipei mayor made the remarks after a Vietnamese migrant worker who had fled their employer was located in Taipei on that come into contact with an Indonesian who tested positive for COVID-19.

Although tested neagtive, Taipei has put in place a three-tier anti-coronavirus mechanism. 

The first is strictly monitored quarantine at designated facilities, including hotels and daily rental apartments. The second level entails hunting down those who evade quarantine. The third level is community controls that include banning groups of people from dining together.

Mayok Ko added that the city will not implement large-scale restrictions, such as banning major events, unless necessary.



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