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Teacher, tirelessly completes sworn duty until his last breath

 Appreciation for teachers around the world was awaken after the story of a teacher who continuously did his job up to his last few days of living went viral online.

According to Sandra Venegas, his father Alejandro Navarro, would effortly open his laptop and  do his responsibilities to his students in spite of him being hospitalized.

“He knew he was going to the ER so he packed his laptop and charger so he could enter them. Doctors were coming in to see him," Venegas wrote in her Facebook post.

 "They were running tests, they were telling him he needed to decide what he wanted in the event that his heart stopped: CPR and intubation or to go in peace. He’d answer their questions and resume with grades,” she added.

Venegas did not expect that her tribute to her father will inspire and open the hearts of many. However, she clarified that her dad did not die of COVID.


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