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Duterte to Robredo: You're not really qualified to run for President

During his latest public address, Vice President Leni Robredo became one of the subjects discussed by President Rodrigo Duterte.

In response to Duterte's comment, the President called on the Vice President to tell the US to pay if it wants the Visiting Forces Agreement to continue in the Philippines, Duterte said that because the US owes the country a lot, Robredo must refrain from commenting.

“Itong kay Robredo, sabi ko nga ma’am, kung ikaw ang presidente, hindi mo alam ang trabaho mo, dapat alam mo ‘yan kasi abogado ka. You should not open your mouth when we are negotiating because maraming kasalanan ang Amerika sa atin,” Duterte said.

Previously, Duterte's assertion that US transparency in the VFA "does not come free" was criticised by Robredo, Duterte also emphasized how Robredo is incapable of running as the president of the nation.

“I’m sorry to say, you are not really qualified to run for president. You do not know your role in this government. Foreign relations with other countries is vested on the president alone,” he stated.

The President continued to tell Robredo that she needed to consider her own duties and obligations as a lawyer. Duterte went on to state that everything he does is for the country's welfare.

“Every time she opens her mouth…she forgets that she’s a lawyer. And being a lawyer, she should know that the Constitution says that…that is my function. That is not her function. At kung anong gusto kong sabihin para sa aking bayan, may purpose ‘yan. Hindi kasi nila alam,” Duterte added.


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