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Employer, broker and OFW may face penalty after violating health protocols in Taiwan

A Filipino migrant worker was tested positive of COVID-19 after home quarantine, but during the period of independent health management, they were asked by the agency / broker to attend the company for training. 

The Tainan City Health Bureau said yesterday that it would fine the agency NT$15,000, which was considered too light. 

5 migrant workers who are all in the self-health management period are required by the agency to attend trainings at the company, the health bureau will consider whether to multiply the fine by five times.

The foreign migrant workers have finished their home quarantine and are still required to carry out an additional 7-day  health management period, but the company immediately requires the migrant workers to undergo training. 

It violates the regulations that the independent health management cannot go to places where people gather. 

Hsu I-lin, head of Tainan's Public Health Bureau, said that the man's employer violated Article 36 of the Communicable Disease Control Act. The OFW could face a fine of between NT$3,000 (US$107) and NT$15,000 in accordance with Article 70. 


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