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Migrants protest in Taiwan for requiring employer's consent before TB treatment

A group of migrant workers protested in front of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in Taipei to end the requirement of necessitating the approval of employers to the tuberculosis treatment of their infected employees to be able to work again.

Members of the Migrants Empowerment Network in Taiwan shared a story of a Filipino employee who was forced to return in the Philippines because of the unfair TB treatment in Taiwan.

According to them, the employee acquired TB in August after working in Taiwan for six years. The worker is no longer contagious because of the two-week treatment however since the employer did not approve further treatment, the worker's work permit was automatically revoked.

Hsinchu Catholic Diocese Migrants and Immigrants Service Center director Gracie Liu said, Many employers refuse treatment out of fear that the illness would spread to other workers.

However, this was perceived to be unfair since locals are not being required  to ask their employers first to approve their TB treatment when in fact even migrant worker payy for labor and health insurance.


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