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Pinoy abroad, patay ng luhuran ng pulis sa leeg

Isang Pinoy na si Angelo Quinto na naninirahan sa California ang namatay matapos na siyang makatangap ng "physically restrained" at "asphyxiated" ng mga pulis habang nasa mental health emergency.

Ayon sa lawyer ni Quinto na si John Burris, nakiusap si Quinto sa mga pulis na huwag siyang patayin bago nila ito maipit sa sahig gamit ang tuhod sa likuran ng kanyang leeg.  

“Angelo Quinto's plea ‘please don't kill me’ made before the police snatched him from his mother's arm and put on [the] floor where a knee was put on the back of his neck… rendering him comatose before he passed away 3 days later,” ayon kay Burris

“His breath was taken away and he’s on the ground, on the floor, in the house, in his bedroom… put him down. When he finally turned him over, blood was flowing through his mouth,” dagdag ni Burris.

“This was a healthy person before. No physical problems and within moments his life is gone. That is why we are here and what we’re so traumatized by,” dagdag niya.

“Mr. Quinto was suffering a mental health emergency and the police killed him.  As Mr. Burris said, they snuffed the life out of him. And we know that,” ayon naman kay Ben Nisenbaum, associate ni Burris.

Isang Filipino-American si Quinto at naganap ang insidente noong Disyembre 2020. 


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