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Singaporean man pushes Pinay girlfriend to work as prostitute

 A man from Singapore found a way to earn easy money by selfishly asking his 18-year-old Filipina girlfriend to sell nude photos and other sexual services.

According to reports, the man lost all of his money from playing gambling at a casino. To have something that would support his expenses, he urged his girlfriend to prostitute herself.

 The Filipina agreed and the man would usually take nude photos of her and sell every four of them for $10. A one minute video would cost $10 while a 5-minutes video call for $25.

To supplement their income, the man started asking his girlfriend to sell her used underwear for $35, $50, or $80 depending on how it will be delivered to the customer. Later on, the woman was also forced to have sexual intercourse with the customers for $150 to $1000.

The woman just had the urge to get out from his boyfriend's evil business when some of her nude photos and videos surfaced on Telegram.

Police officers raided the victim's unit but the man went on the run. Eventually the suspect was arrested by the police after the girlfriend managed to  procure a phone to contact the man in secret.


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