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Student misunderstands 'INC' Message from Teacher, conversation goes viral

Classes are performed online these days, since teachers can't reach their students in physical classrooms nowadays, they can only send them online or by text messaging but due to the limitations of these messaging options, some miscommunications may happen.

After the student misunderstands the definition of 'INC' in the teacher's text, the conversation between a teacher and a student has recently gone viral.

“Ano nak? Wala ka bang plano? INC ka pa rin,” the teacher gently reminded the student in a private message, referring to the student’s ‘INC’ grade which actually means ‘incomplete’ grade.

“Anong plano sir? Oo sir. INC pa rin ho ako. Bakit po?” the student replied, definitely confused.

Thinking that the student knows about his grade but is indifferent about it, the teacher decided to just give him a failing grade, instead.

“Sige ibagsak na lang kita,” he replied.

“Kailangan ba maging Katoliko?” the confused student asked, apparently thinking that the ‘INC’ his teacher asked had referred to his religious affiliation of INC which means Iglesia ni Cristo.

The teacher chose to just give him a failing score instead assuming that the student knows about his grade but is indifferent about it.

The teacher recognizing his role in the misunderstanding and apologized for the miscommunication to the student, the instructor clarified that a performance assignment could not be submitted by the student, hence the INC score to complete this school requirement, he gave the youngster until next week.

Although the convo was giving netizens a good laugh, Ancheta admitted that he was also entertained by the discussion but explained that he also recognised the plight of his students, he is not their only instructor, after all, and there are other subjects that need them for certain tasks as well. 


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