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Laguna resident fried malasado egg under the sun

The Laguna resident posted a picture of a fried malasado egg she successfully cooked on their pavement on Facebook on Friday, explaining that she began her experiment at 12 p.m. by putting a pan with a small amount of cooking oil on the bare ground outside their home.


She covered the pan with the broken egg inside, ostensibly to keep it away from curious puppies, who were present that afternoon. The egg white had become transparent by 1 p.m., and their sunny side up was ready by 3 p.m.


"Welcome to the Philippines, where the sun shines so brightly that it can fry an egg!" Cecile penned an essay.


Cecile told GMA News Online that the temperature in San Pedro, Laguna, was about 35-36 degrees Celsius, and that it was "mahangin and bright without clouds."


The weather has been so hot that the idea had been, well, boiling in Cecile's mind. When work finally let up on Friday, she proceeded with the experiment. "I wanted a tangible way to show the kids how hot it is — na pati itlog, pwedeng maluto," she said.


Her two children, ages 15 and 12, joined her, and by 4 p.m., the whole family was enjoying the fried egg with pan de sal for merienda.


As a result, no. It isn't just you who is affected. We are in the throes of summer. And, just in case you needed more evidence, PAGASA in Dagupan reported a dangerous 52o heat index on Wednesday. So drink plenty of water, shower often, and, if possible, surround yourself with more plants.



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