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Taiwan fell out of Top 10 resilience list against COVID-19 due to surging number of cases

Following a surge in domestically transmitted COVID-19 cases, Taiwan dropped out of the top 10 resilience list released by Bloomberg on Tuesday.

The latest Bloomberg COVID Resilience Ranking showed that Taiwan fell from its previous fifth position to 15th, while neighboring Japan also dropped out of the top 10 list to 14th place from the previous seventh.

"Lauded for its handling of the pathogen, the Asia-Pacific region accounted for all seven of the biggest declines this month in the measure of the best and worst places to be in the pandemic," Bloomberg said.

"Taiwan and Japan dropped out of the top 10 amid sluggish inoculation drives and resurgent cases, while some of the world's fiercest outbreaks were in Southeast and South Asia," Bloomberg added.

According to Bloomberg, the COVID Resilience Ranking uses a wide range of factors, from mortality and testing rates to vaccine access and freedom of movement, to evaluate where the pandemic is being handled most effectively and with the least social and economic disruption. -Central News Agency


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