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Young woman gives birth to 9 babies at once in hospital

On Tuesday, a young Malian woman became a legend by comfortably giving birth to nine babies at once in a Moroccan hospital.


Halima Cisse, a 25-year-old Mali woman, made history as the mother of nonuplets – five girls and four boys – and she and the children are "doing fine," according to a written statement from the Mali Health Ministry.


Cisse was supposed to have septuplets, according to doctors in Mali and Morocco, but gave birth to nonuplets by caesarean section, surprising the doctors who had not detected another two siblings during ultrasounds.


The doctors demanded specialized treatment for the unusual case of Cisse after a two-week medical stay in a hospital in Bamako, Mali's capital.


Cisse's arrived at their hospital five weeks before her due date, according to Yezid Murad, the doctor who performed the procedure.


He said they spent intense effort for the growth of the babies while they were in the mother's belly and added, "The operation was good and carried out under suitable conditions."


Stating they had to carry out the operation on the 25th week of pregnancy, he said, "In fact, we wanted to extend the pregnancy period up to 30 weeks, but this week, when the birth symptoms started, we decided to have a cesarean delivery. Nonuplets are extremely rare in medical practice and sometimes some of the newborns may not survive.


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