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OFW, full of bruises and scrathes, forced by employer to eat "lugaw" with dishwashing soap

Lots of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) around the world are reported to be maltreated specially those working as domestic helpers. One is Eden from Hong Kong who was abused by her employer.

Eden's,body is full of bruise and scrtaches from heremployer who works as a teacher in Hong Kong usually kicks, slaps, and scratches her.

"She slapped my face about 15 times. She... hit my thighs daily and about five times. I fell to the floor, she kicked my legs and threatened to kill me. This scared me a lot,” says Eden.

"I beg her to stop, she took my mobile so i could not communicate with anyone" she added.

There was a time when Eden was forced by her employer to eat congee or lugaw with dishwashing soap because the child of her employer failed to finish it.

Eden is a single mother and domestic helper in Hong Kong. She made her escape against the emoloyer.

Philippine consulate in Hong Kong are ready to assists the OFW with these kind of cases.


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