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Pacquiao is not attacking Duterte , but rather assisting him in his battle against corruption


Senator Manny Pacquiao said on Thursday that he is not criticizing President Rodrigo Duterte for addressing issues about suspected government corruption, but rather is assisting him in his efforts to clean up the government.


“I'm not attacking the President. They may have a different perception but I’m actually helping the President because I am one with him in this advocacy.” Pacquiao said in a radio interview.


Pacquiao stated that he has received several information on corruption but did not share them because he did not want to offend Duterte.


“Actually, I've received information concerning suspected corruption in several government institutions. I just don't want to make them public since my research may be seen as a personal attack on the President.” he said.


Pacquiao, for one, sees Duterte's recent challenge as a"opportunity" to collaborate with him in the battle against government corruption.” I hope he will not get mad at me because I am just helping him in his campaign against corruption.” He added.


Duterte, in his weekly public briefing last Monday night, called out Pacquiao for criticizing the administration for the alleged proliferation of graft under his watch.


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