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Woman claims to be magneto after being vaccinated, metals stick to her arms


A family received the COVID-19 vaccine (Moderna vaccine) then a miracle happens as side effects as their body could absorb metals as they claim.

Netizens immediately shared in the afternoon three days after their elders were vaccinated.  "Modena Arm" also appeared.

Netizens heatedly discussed that after they or their relatives and friends have been vaccinated the body has an inexplicable "magnetic force" that can absorb iron nails, metal spoons, and even hammers.  

Check this out:

In this regard, at the press conference, Taiwan's Central Epidemic Command Center could not explain this phenomenon. It is not necessarily that these people have magnetic power. 

The daughter said that she didn't expect that metal spoons, forks and other utensils could be adsorbed on her arm. "Only the vaccination arm had magnetism," but there was also the father who was vaccinated, but no magnetism was found on her body.

Photo Apple Daily


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