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Covid health insurance plan to be given to migrant workers entering Taiwan

Migrant workers arriving in Taiwan will have to be covered by a COVID-19 health insurance plan starting December 1, announced by the Ministry of Labor (MOL).

Employers of migrant workers will bear the cost of the health insurance plan, this will be a requirement before they can be allowed to enter Taiwan.

The health insurance plans, which cost just under NT$1,200 per person that will cover hospitalization fees within the 30-day period after the migrant workers' arrival in Taiwan.

MOL said that insurance companies will pay the money directly to the hospitals, up to a maximum of NT$500,000.

Employers must submit proof to the MOL that they have purchased COVID-19 health insurance for their workers before the employees are due to arrive in Taiwan.

MOL noted that employers will have to cover all insurance costs and will be prohibited from seeking reimbursement from the workers.

Violators will be subject to a fine of NT$60,000 to NT$300,000, have their hiring permits revoked, and banned from reapplying for such permits for two years.

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