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Migrant caregiver recorded beating eldery woman in Taiwan, facing a fine up to NT$150k

An Indonesian caregiver seen in a surveillance camera that she is beating the elderly woman, the caregiver was hired to care but the video shows different.

The caregiver is facing a fine of up to NT$150,000 where a video footage released by the victim's family for a very strong evidence.

The family set up a hidden surveillance camera where it reveal footage of abuse.

The caregiver hitting the elederly repeatedly on the head, grabbing her hair, and violently shaking the elderly woman before striking her on the face. 

The labor broker must provide an acceptable settlement to the family or be banned from hiring more migrant workers, according to Changhua County Councilor Hao Chen-ching.

Hiring a foreign caregiver is a relatively affordable option for most families, but the language barrier usually results in misunderstanding or undesirable services.

As the country's elderly population is rapidly increasing, several family have no other choice to hire a caretaker or caregiver for their elderly.


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