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Job Hiring: AOC Company in Taiwan now hiring factory workers, machine operators

Company: AOC
Location: Taichung, Taiwan
Products: Panels, Monitorss
Job Positions: Production Workers, Machine Operators 
Salary: NT$25,250 + OT

Recruitment Agency:
Jedegal International Manpower Services

Agency Address: G/F & 2/F Accent Tower Bldg. GP Shorthorn Bahay Toro Project 8, Quezon City, Metro Manila

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Primary Requirements:
1. Peos Certificate
2. E-Registration
3.  Valid PASSPORT 
4.  UMID or SSS Certification 
5. VOTERS ID or Voters Certification
6. NBI Multipurpose Clearqnce 
7. PSA Birth Certificate
8. Vaccination Certificate 

About AOC:

The company designs and produces a full range of LCD TVs and PC monitors, and formerly CRT monitors for PCs which are sold worldwide under the AOC brand.

AOC International is a Taiwanese electronics company and manufactures displays like computer monitors and televisions.

*This site is not a recruitment agency nor agent, to apply please visit above mentioned recruitment agency.

Beware of illegal recruiters.

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