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President Tsai: Taiwan to share its tactics to the world in combating the coronavirus

President Tsai Ing-wen that Taiwan will share its approach to controlling the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) with the world, suggesting that the World Health Organization has been incompetent at preventing the pandemic.

Tsai said who called a press conference on Thursday afternoon “Only when the international community fully cooperates can we ensure the whole world achieves victory in this battle.”

Tsai urged the public to remain calm and cooperate with the authorities on taking disease precautions. “Restrictions on personal mobility are temporary approaches” crucial to preventing the further spread of the coronavirus, despite some inconveniences they may bring to people's lives, she said.

According to the president. The ban on foreign visitors went into effect Thursday as coronavirus cases continue to surge in Europe and the Americas, with a total of 218,800 infections and more than 8,800 deaths worldwide as of Thursday.

The president warned against deliberately stockpiling and jacking up the prices of daily products, adding that these behaviors would be met with a heavy fine. She also implored the public not to spread hatred nor fuel quarrels among Taiwanese society, saying: “Only by showing a sense of unity can we defeat the virus.”


  1. Magawabang walang kurap Kong pera na ang pag oosapan.

  2. Anong masasabi ninyo mga prenk
    Hi hi hi angdami panga hindi Pol ng nag ompisa ang ayuda.....ahay?


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