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24 sailors infected with COVID-19 contacted thousands of persons from 30 locations in Taiwan

21 sailors had been reported infected by COVID-19 following the 3 sailor trainees who were in the same navy ship, the infected patients visited at least 30 locations in Taiwan from April 15 to 18, according to Central Epidemic Command Center.

The 24 sailors came from the "Fleet of Friendship" were confirmed to have contracted the coronavirus after going off Palau. The CECC estimates the sailors traveled to about 30 locations in nine counties and cities across Taiwan during that period, Taiwan News reported.

CECC sent text message notifying the public where the 24 sailors who later confirmed as COVID-19 positive had spent more than 15 minutes between April 15 and 18 in 30 locations.

CECC said that the center would use cell phone signals to track down where the sailors had been and message those who had been at the same locations at the same time.

Those who receive CECC alerts to stay at home and call the toll-free disease prevention hotline 1922 to seek medical advice if they feel unwell or develop COVID-19 symptoms.


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