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About 3,000 migrant workers in Taiwan are under quarantine: Ministry of Labor

Ministry of Labor statistics shows that there are around 3,000 migrant workers hired as production workerd, domestic helpers and caregivers in Taiwan that are under quarantine.

Newly arrived migrant workers in the manufacturing sector will do their mandatory quarantines in locations organized by their companies or brokers and approved by the government to meet quarantine requirements, such as one person per room.

Taiwan implemented a mandatory quarantine on all migrant workers, regardless of where they are coming from.

The quarantine also extends to migrant workers who were on holiday and are returning to Taiwan.

The quarantine is one of the government's preventive measures against the spread of the new coronavirus disease, which has swept the globe, causing whole city lockdowns and travel bans.

Deputy Labor Minister Liu Shih-hao said all costs incurred by the migrant workers will be paid for by their employers.

"However, employers do not have to start paying salaries to their migrant workers yet because technically the workers have not started working. But it is advised that the employers do pay the salary," Liu said.


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