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American vlogger creates video listing 20 ways how Taiwan fights COVID-19

Screen shot from Dustin Pfundheller's vlog

As Taiwan marked its second day with zero new cases of COVID-19 in a week, an American vlogger has created a video expounding on how brave the island country for being able to keep off the pandemic, despite its proximity to communist China.

The video's creator, Dustin Pfundheller, 33 years old, who currently lives in Florida as a dentist, told Taiwan News that he created the video because he was so impressed that Taiwan, a country that is  extremely at risk of a COVID-19 outbreak has managed to effectively contain the spread of the virus.

The video, which was uploaded in Facebook on April 9, starts by explaining that before the outbreak started, four percent of Taiwanese worked in China while 2,000 Chinese tourists on average visited the country per day.

He noted that despite the fact that Taiwan had initially been ranked as the second-highest country at risk of experiencing a major breakout of the virus by a Johns Hopkins University model, it actually now has the lowest case rate per million over the past 50 days in the world. 

Pfundheller then listed 20 actions Taiwan took to keep itself safe from the coronavirus:
2.Communicable Disease Control Act
3.Rationing masks
4.Tacking last 14 days
5.Taiwanese use masks
6.Having health insurance that covers 99% of the citizens
7.Having hand sanitizers everywhere
8.Temperature Checks
9.Letting people know it's not about your race or ethnicity
10.Educating people that not everybody shows symptoms
11.Educating everybody about hand-washing
12.Military mask production
13.Mask production
15. Fines for not reporting
16.Quarantine with cell phone
17.Temperature monitors in the airport
18.Banning travel from Wuhan
19.Monitoring people from Wuhan
20.Extremely proactive

Pfundheller praised Taiwan for going from being listed as the second-highest at-risk countries in the world to having the lowest case rate per million. Pfundheller then closed by saying "Let's all be a little bit more like Taiwan."


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