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Bill Gates praises Taiwan's COVID-19 quick response as "exemplary"

Microsoft Corporation founder Bill Gates in an interview with Fox News on Sunday (April 5) praised Taiwan for its quick response in COVID-19 outbreak.

Among others, Gates said Taiwan is an example of a country that has effectively handled the coronavirus pandemic.

He highlighted Taiwan as an "exemplary" country for quickly identifying the problem and initiating community-wide testing early on resulting the country not to experience "disease burden or economic effect" that other nations would suffer from.

Although the Gates Foundation had donated US$100 million to fight the disease on Feb. 5, Gates claimed the U.S. government was very slow to respond, delaying proper action by two months.

He said that if the U.S. only listened to his warning last 2015 in a Tedtalk, that the country is not ready for a virus outbreak, U.S. would already be able to field large numbers of test kits, an abundance of drugs for treatment, and the ability to develop a vaccine more quickly.

On the other hand, Taiwan had learned its lesson from the SARS outbreak in 2003 which caused 181 deaths in the country that is why Taiwan's Central Epidemic Command Center was created.

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