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Carrefour, PX Mart rolls out convinience stores in wheels around Taiwan

Convenience stores and supermarket operators in Taiwan rolls out mobile convenience stores for thos people living in remote areas in the country.

PX Mart "mobile convenient store trucks" are providing customers with instant noodles, toilet paper, diapers, fresh fruit, frozen foods, and other necessities, according to CNA. PX Mart added that will absorb the cost of logistics inherent in this kind of operation.

The company deployed one truck each in Chiayi and Hualien counties as part of their trial operations.

Carrefour’s mobile convenient stores also offer the same commodities with prices as marked in their stores. Several township chiefs invite the store to operate in their area.

Goods in the mobile trucks will be adjusted according to the needs of consumers and their requests.

These mobile stores bring excitement to every resident in the remote areas specially the elderly resident.

Netizens praised the initiative and expressed hopes that the service would expand for the benefit of the elderly and people with limited transport options.

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