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Chinese man breaks quarantine rule 7 times in Tainan, fined NT$700,000 and now missing

Chinese businessman surnamed “Pan” arrived from China on March 20 and was told to quarantine himself for 14 days where he stayed in Rende District in Tainan but violates the quarantine rule giving a fine of NTS$700,000.

Tainan authorities said that they received tip-offs from residents saying they spotted Pan going out to shop and eat. Investigation shows Pan had been out on seven different days.

“This Chinese businessman flouted the law, and left the phone at home before he went out,” a Tainan official said. “Asked about where he had been, the man lied, saying he had been indoors.”

“One time, we caught him shopping outside, but he and his relatives showed little concern, saying that he would make amends next time,” officials said.

It is believed that Pan left for China last April 7 but officials are still trying to verify that information.

“This Chinese businessman was in Taiwan, but he did not have the sense to obey the law,” Tainan Mayor Huang Wei-che said. “The fine has to be paid first, if he wants to enter Taiwan again.


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