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Costco and Carrefour in Kaohsiung closed for disinfection after visit of COVID-19 patients

Costco and Carrefour are two of the seven venues listed by Kaohsiung health bureau after 9 out of the 24 infected COVID-19 sailors visited the place. Both stores are temporarily closed for disinfection together with the other venues.

Café del SOL in Hanshin Mall, Ruifeng Night Market, E-Da Outlet Mall, Sihwei Badminton Courts and Xiaogang Post Office are the other 5.

On Saturday (April 18), the CECC announced that three Navy trainees had tested positive for COVID-19, forcing 700 fellow crew members to go into quarantine. On Sunday, the CECC reported 21 more navy personnel had contracted the virus.

The municipal government requires all mentioned places must shut down for disinfection. 9out of the 24 infected naval officers came to Kaohsiung in all of the listed 7 places.

The above information is upon request of the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) to provide more complete relevant information to contain the epidemic.

CECC advised to self-health monitor in the next 14 days of visited those places on those dates.

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