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COVID-19 patients in Taiwan only experienced light symptoms, mostly female: CECC

According to the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC), confirmed COVID-19 patients in Taiwan have only experienced light symptoms and most of the infected patients are female.

70.4 percent out of the total patients in Taiwan as of April 15 either had light symptoms or no noticeable symptoms at all (asymptomatic), CECC advisor Chang Shan-chwen said in a daily briefing.

Taiwan so far confirmed 22 asymptomatic patients, with the most being 20-29 years old citing CECC statistics.

An average of 18 days before an asymptomatic patient in Taiwan has been declared free from COVID-19, while the longest time to recover was 41days.

Out of the total patients, 53 percent were female and 47 percent were male. Taiwan currently reported 5 new cases in the last 5 days with 3 out of those days had 0 new cases.


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