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Family from Keelung penalized NT$1.7-million for violating home quarantine measure

A family from Keelung, a mother, daughter-in-law and two grandchildren from one family had violated coronavirus quarantine measures of the country which leads them to a fine of NT$1.7 million.

All four came from the United States which are required to stay for a 14-day home quarantine. 

The mother showed symptoms of COVID-19 which lead her to bring other family members to a Taipei hospital onstead contacting CDC hotline for COVID-19.

The mother tests positive with COVID-19 later on and she received the maximum fine of NT$1 million because her trip to Taipei was ruled as a high-risk.

Her daughter-in-law will have to pay NT$700,000, but as the two grandsons are minors, they are not subject to fines according to Keelung City health authorities.

In the Keelung case, not only did the woman not seek approval of the two cities involved, but she also arranged for private transport without consulting the authorities, according to reports.


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