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Hualien and Taitung in eastern Taiwan still records 0 cases of COVID-19

There were five counties in Taiwan with 0 cases of COVID-19, Hualien County and Taitung County still has nothing in the list which were in the main island of Taiwan.

Joining Hualien and Taitung were the outlying islands of Taiwan which are Penghu County, Kinmen County, and Lienchiang County that still clear of coronavirus.

Meanwhile, Taipei City and New Taipei City together accounted for more than half of the 382 confirmed with a total of 186 for both. April 9-10 cases not yet included.

Here are the cities and counties with number of COVID-19 cases:
Taoyuan City (43), Taichung City (37), Kaohsiung City (28), Changhua County (18), Tainan City (14), Hsinchu City (11), Pingtung County (7), Keelung (6), Hsinchu County (6), Yunlin County (4), Chiayi City (3), Miaoli County (3), Yilan County (2), Nantou County (2), and Chiayi County (2).

The command center always remind the public that everyone should do hand hygiene and cough / sneezing etiquette.

When entering the country from abroad, if you have fever, cough or any other uncomfortable symptoms, you should take the initiative to notify the airport quarantine personnel and cooperate with  the epidemic prevention measures.


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