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Kaohsiung shuts down 7 places where naval crew infected with COVID-19 roam from 4/15 to 4/17

In response to the navy fleet being infected with COVID-19, the Kaohsiung City Government held a meeting to explain and discuss plans where the naval personnel roam in the city which later confirmed COVID-19 positive.

It was announced that 8 of the 24 naval personnels confirmed cases were in Kaohsiung. Here are the 7 places where the COVID-19 positive patients visited:

1. Hanshin mall (4/16 11:30-13:30)

2. Ruifeng Night Market (4/16 21:00-22:30)

3. Eda Outlet Mall (4/16 13:30-18:00)

4. Carrefour Dingshan Store (4/17 10:00-11:00)

5. Costco Dashun Store (4/17 09:00-10:00)

6. Sihwei Badminton court (4/15 09:00-10:00)

7. Xiaogang postoffice (visited on 4/17)

The municipal government requires all mentioned places must shut down for disinfection. 8 out of the 24 infected naval officers came to Kaohsiung in all of the listed 7 places.

The above information is upon request of the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) to provide more complete relevant information to contain the epidemic.

CECC advised to self-health monitor in the next 14 days of visited those places on those dates.


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