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Leaders of religious group in Taoyuan arrested for selling fake COVID-19 cure to its followers

Two men from a religious group in Taoyuan were arrested for fraudulently raising funds from its own followers to send what they claimed to be a cure for COVID-19 to patients in China, that tends to be fake.

Authorities received a tip-off in February to examine the "cure" was revealed to be nothing and turns out to be more than a collection of enzymes, which the group also gave to those who made donations, it said.

An initial investigation by district prosecutors estimated that the group pocketed about NT$2 million (US$66,505) from over 30 followers, the office said.

The head of the group was granted bail of NT$150,000, while his accomplice was released from police custody, Central News Agency reported.

Prosecutors are looking at charges relating to fraud and violations of the Communicable Disease Control Act, they said.


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