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Migrant worker in Taiwan died due to crushed face and body at a garment factory in Chiayi

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The body of a male Vietnamese migrant worker was found inside the garment factory (textile manufacturing) in Chiayi County, CNA reported.

The worker's body was discovered when a cloth rolling machine at the factory malfunctioned Wednesday night, Chiayi authorities said in a statement.

The migrant worker was pulled out of the machine by other factory workers and rushed to hospital as he was pronounced dead.

Hospital says it caused a traumatic shock, Chiayi police said he suffered severe contusions and crush injuries to his face and body.

Despite there being a surveillance camera near the machine, it failed to capture footage of what happened, the police said.

Chiayi County authorities have contacted the labor broker to help his family come to the country to deal with related funeral as soon as possible and to help them apply for condolence money from the Ministry of Labor.

Apparently, Chiayi County's head prosecutor Tsai Ying-chun said the broker of the Vietnamese worker has been out of touch due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic.


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