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New Taipei government starts 21-day lockdown simulation as preparation if pandemic worsen in Taiwan

The city government on Monday (April 20) launched a simulation of a 21-day lockdown to prepare for the potential worsening of the country's pandemic as New Taipei city continues to add more COVID-19 patients.

Mayor Hou You-yi said that the city government is planning to implement a 21-day lockdown and ban all non-essential movement for its citizens once the risk of community clusters becomes too high, he explained that the 21 days will consist of a 14-day coronavirus incubation period and an additional 7 days for the virus carriers to recover.

Hou said he has discussed the lockdown plan with mayors from other cities and said that it is crucial for all local governments to join together if the worst-case scenario happens. 

The CECC's advisory specialist panel convener, Chang Shan-chwen, gave positive feedback to New Taipei's advanced planning, he stressed that it is unlikely that life in Taiwan will return to normal until a vaccine is developed, and he hopes the Taiwanese can continue to endure the inconvenience for the country's safety, reported CNA.


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