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New Taipei police arrested a scammer in Tamsui that sells mask online but never delivered

Police and prosecutors have made several arrests across Taiwan involving scams relating to the ongoing new coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic, one of them is face mask scam in New Taipei as reported by CNA.

The Tamsui Precinct of New Taipei City Police Department said Monday that a 27-year-old man was arrested for such a face mask scam.

According to reports, a citizen in Kaohsiung City wanted to buy 2,000 masks to donate to an orphanage in the beginning of March. After paying NT$26,000, the suspect repeatedly delayed delivery. Early April, he reported to Kaohsiung police regarding the scam.

The suspect was said to have made more than NT$300,000 from over 20 victims, according to the Tamsui police, who added that more than NT$200,000 in cash and illegal drugs inside coffee bags were also seized at the scene.

The case has been handed over to prosecutors who are considering charges of fraud and drug-related crimes.


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