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Northern Taiwan to experience rain showers and 27°C temperature rise by Monday

According to Central Weather Bureau (CWB), with the approach of the weather system, northern Taiwan will experience rain showers on Monday (April 20), as cloudy to sunny skies will be seen to other parts of the country.

The bureau said daytime temperature in northern Taiwan will climb to 27 degrees Celsius while a 31 degrees is expected in central Taiwan. Meanwhile, southern part of the country will have a 32 degrees temperature. Half of the south, however, will have a mercury fall of 21-22 degrees.

On Tuesday, weather front will bring more rain to northern Taiwan as the weather in the southern half of the country will remain stable, said CWB.

The bureau also advised drivers to practice caution in Kinmen and Matsu islands because of low visibility due to thick fog by Monday and Tuesday. On the other hand, air travelers should be ready for possible changes in flight schedules.

Additionally, daytime temperatures in northern Taiwan can be expected to drop by 1-2 degrees Tuesday due to seasonal northeasterly winds.

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