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OFW in Taiwan called Duterte supporters “fools” as she meet a brutal week of cyber bullying

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Ordidor acknowledged that she used rough language in her video and was totally harsh towards Duterte supporters, describing them as “fools” for supporting Duterte’s COVID-19 policies, in a report by Ketagalan Media.

She also acknowledged that should Duterte give her the opportunity, she would slap him.

She felt that it was unjust that she had been targeted for expressing anti-Duterte views, while vloggers that expressed similarly dismissive opinions on Philippine Vice President Leni Robredo were allowed to do so without similar demands being placed on them.

Ordidor had experienced a brutal week of cyber bullying in which Duterte supporters much criticized her views with thousands supports petition was reported to deport her.

Meanwhile, maligning a person using Facebook was a criminal matter in the Philippines according to Labor Attaché Fidel Macauyag in Taiwan.

“We are constrained to act for the deportation of a Filipina working as a caregiver in Taiwan for the crime of cyber libel for wilful posting of nasty and malevolent materials against President Duterte on Facebook, intended to cause hatred amidst the global health crisis brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic,” Macauyag said.

Ordidor allegedly posted content to Facebook under several aliases, including “Linn Silawan.” The press release claimed, without evidence, that Ordidor was in violation of Republic Act No. 10175, a law governing cyber crimes.


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