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Patients describes coronavirus swab test is like “being stabbed in the brain”

Jessica Peck, a doctor in the US, shared the image on Twitter saying: ‘This is how far back we have to put the swab to test you for #COVID19. You might want to follow medical recommendations and #StayHome.’

The image shared is a "nasopharyngeal swab test" which is a common testing method for viruses and it's the test that has to be done to test for COVID-19.

Check her tweet below:

The swab is about six inches long and is inserted into the cavity between the nose and mouth. They keep it there for about 15 seconds, while rotating it and then repeat the swab in the other nostril which is standard worldwide.

After the swab test, the sample being sent off to a lab to look for genetic material of the coronavirus within the patient's DNA.

Other test will involve pricking a finger to produce a drop of blood, and will reveal whether a person has already had Covid-19.


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