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Philippines has the lowest recovery rate of COVID-19 in Southeast Asia

With only 4% recovery rate, the Philippines has the lowest recovery rate among countries in Southeast Asia with 4,000+ COVID-19 cases, data from the World Health Organization (WHO) shows.

With only 197 total recoveries so far, the Philippines' recovery rate stands at a low 4%, a far cry from other countries in the region with double-digit recovery rates such as Malaysia (44%), Thailand (45%), Singapore (23%), and Vietnam (56%).

Malaysia is still the worst-hit Southeast Asian nation in terms of total cases with 4,530 confirmed COVID-19 cases as of today, while the Philippines trails behind with 4,428 cases.

In terms of deaths, Indonesia still has the highest number of fatalities at 327, while the Philippines is second with 247 reported deaths.

The Philippines though is putting its best effort to increase the number of recoveries and eventually combat the COVID-19 pandemic. The country has actually joined the solidarity trial of WHO and started conducting separate studies aiming to find a vaccine or treatment for the disease.


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