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Philippines recieved 300,000 face masks from Taiwan, to turnover for medical frontliners

MECO Vice Chairman Gilberto Lauengco formally receives the donation of 300,000 medical masks from TECO Representative Michael Hsu.

MECO, on behalf of the Philippine government, thanked Taiwan for its assistance in addressing the pandemic.

The 300,000 masks were shipped to the Philippines on EVA Air, one of Taiwan's two major airlines.

"MECO, on behalf of the Philippine government, thanks the Taiwan government for its kind gesture of helping with its efforts against the pandemic and the donation will be a welcome reinforcement for hospital frontliners," according to a statement issued by MECO, the de facto Philippine embassy in Taiwan.

The donation would be a welcome reinforcement for hospital frontliners, who are experiencing a shortage of medical supplies.

Taiwan donated a total of 1 million masks to its New Southbound Policy partner countries including the Philippines as part of global efforts to address the COVID-19 pandemic.

As of Wednesday, the Philippines has recorded 5,453 cases and 349 deaths.


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